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About Us


The founders of Shri Bhagavati Bright Bars Ltd (SBBBL) started their journey in the 1980s with the manufacturing of Cold Drawn Bright Bars, specialisingin the production of Hand Pump Shafts.

The company was later established in 1991 with the aim of diversifying its products in tandem with the growing Indian market for Iron and Steel. Thus, began with the increased production capacity for Commercial material as well as Prime (Virgin) Material. The growth in the latter segment started to Outpace the market for the former in the 21st century; hence SBBBL diversified its portfolio for Prime (Virgin) Material with various grades of Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel and Mild Steel, sourced primarily from reputed and approved mills like RINL-VSP, JSW, Sun flag, Neco Jaiswal, Panchmahal, Rimjhim, etc.

With the vision of serving the Customers with their tailored needs, reduce their downturn time, machining costs, labour costs and thus reduce their inventory turnover ratio, SBBBL started manufacturing Custom Shaped Bars, Profile Bars and Custom Sized Bars and Wires to suit the end user requirements. These items which demand high levels of accuracy and precision, have been accepted by the Indian industry with a large portfolio of suppliers to various OEMs, aviation equipment manufacturers, large Real Estate groups, Machine Tools manufacturers, etc.

SBBBL boasts of maintaining in its stock an average inventory of 1000 Metric Tonnes to provide just-in-time delivery of goods and thus reduce the idle time and inventory turnover ratio for its customers.



To maximize the productivity, profitability, and proficiency of our stakeholders through continuous Innovation by partnering in their success stories.


1. Continuous Innovation & Improvement
2. Practical Approach
3. Respect & Trust for All
4. Quality Assurance
5. Teamwork
6. Customer Focus

B.H.A.G. (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

To achieve 1008 Cr. Turnover by 2035 & to become the No. 1 specialized profiles manufacturer in India.


1. By 2035, SBBBL will be a place of lifetime nurturing, growth, camaraderie, and freedom for all its employees to achieve their fullest potential.
2. By 2035, SBBBL will have internally developed leaders from among employees who will sit on the Board of Directors of the company and make decisions which chart the future of the company.
3. By 2035, SBBBL will have canteen facilities for all its employees, quarterly outings for all and annual international trip for best performing employee.
4. By 2035, SBBBL will have an active customer base of 10000.
5. By 2035, SBBBL will have 100 Retail outlets across India delivering value to every industry and city.
6. By 2035, SBBBL will have manufacturing capacity in at least 8 different metals and their various alloys.
7. By 2035, SBBBL will have a dedicated R & D centre for continuous innovation and value addition.
8. By 2035, SBBBL will have 8 plus engineering patents to our name.
9. By 2035, SBBBL will be working with a vision of ‘Make-In-India’ and ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ thus will be the one stop destination for all Indian and foreign companies for their customized cold worked metal solutions.